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On staying home (for now)

28 February, 2016

It’s official: we’re staying in the UK until summer. We’ve rented an apartment. I’ve joined a gym. Lewis goes to an ACTUAL OFFICE 5 days a week. We get our food shopping delivered. Life is pretty normal.

And, do you know what? I don’t hate it. We get a lot of commiserations, but despite my pre-flight freak out, I like to think of this as just another stop on our world tour. Yes, some elements of being home are a chore, but then, so is so much of travel. Researching flights, visas and accommodation, fumbling around getting to grips with places and not being able to properly communicate are all dull and stressful things to deal with on a regular basis. Travel is really just swapping one set of gripes for another and measuring the payoff.

In fact, I feel happy and content with our lot for the next few months. Our hometown is a pretty place to be in the springtime, plus we get to spend time with our favourite people, and I get to luxuriate in all the Cadbury’s chocolate and gin I can get my mitts on. You could say it’s a win-gin situation. Even more so, because this came through the letterbox from our gorgeous 4-year old god-daughter Eve:

Spicery World Kitchen Explorer

It’s a gift subscription for The Spicery. Each month we’ll get a set of perfectly measured spices and a recipe from their World Kitchen Explorer range, meaning our taste buds can still wander the world, even if our butts are still firmly in England. Our god-daughter is smart (and surprisingly internet-savvy) for a 4-year old, no?

Our first box was for a two-course Burmese meal of prawn fritters and Nan-Gyi Thohk, a tangy chicken noodle dish topped with crushed peanuts, boiled egg and crispy onion and garlic. Now, we ain’t the most talented cooks at the best of times (an extra bottle of wine had to be opened to deal with one particular mishap), but once everything was plated up, I think the results are pretty magnificent.

Prawn fritters from The Spicery

Who needs Jamie Oliver?

Burmese Nan-Gyi Thohk, The Spicery

Yes, I think these next few months are going to be fun. Here’s to being home.

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  • Reply Clay Lowe 17 August, 2016 at 16:21

    Hi Jenny,

    You should definitely get back into the game. Fall back in love with blogging for blogging’s sake.


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