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13 November, 2016

Yes, that’s right – The AdventureSmith is no more. After four years of updating this site with travel stories, I realised that I wanted to take the blog in a slightly different direction, and the cleanest way to do that was to retire and focus instead on writing about the two things I ALWAYS look for when we travel – amazing food and awesome street art.

My new site is called Grub & Graffiti and I’d love to see you over there!

In fact, maybe I should be having a housewarming or something… Bring snacks?

But before we get the party started I just wanted thank you for visiting over the years – I very much appreciate every single comment, facebook like and Instagram heart, as well as the support and encouragement you’ve shown me along the way.

And please do let me know what you think about the new site – it’s still early days and I’m figuring stuff out as I go, so any comments, feedback and thoughts you have will help me shape it into something awesome.

I’ll see you there!

Big love,

Jenny x

Ps. Keep in touch! I’m on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest posting as @grubandgraffiti, or email me ( for a chat.

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