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Burma / Myanmar

Reclining buddha, Yangon, Myanmar
Burma / Myanmar

Myanmar encounters: Eccentric Mr Tin

The Guardian’s travel writing competition is open again and it’s reminded me of the entry I wrote for it last year. My entry didn’t get anywhere, of course, or it would be plastered all over my blog, my email signature and quite possibly tattooed on my…

26 September, 2013
Shweddagon Pagoda, Myanmar
Burma / Myanmar

Itinerary: Three weeks in Burma

Burma was our first proper taste of indie travel and, although it very nearly broke us on more than one occasion, we loved it. We’ll have more about our Burmese adventures soon, but as so many people have asked us about our itinerary, I…

3 March, 2013
Burma / Myanmar

The wonderful people of Burma

On our first day in Burma we were lucky enough to meet our guesthouse owner, an elderly gent whose eyes were a lot younger than his body and whose animated way of talking was like a one man show. He had the newspaper clipping popular…

28 November, 2012