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Warrior dead, Dia de Los Muertos

Day of the Dead in Oaxaca: A post mortem

Being in Mexico for Day of the Dead, or Día de Los Muertos, had been on my bucket list for such a long time that by the time we landed in Oaxaca for the festivities, I couldn’t quite believe it was going to happen.…

23 November, 2015

Sounds of Mexico: part 1 – Gas de Oaxaca

Did you know that gas is delivered by the canister here in Mexico? It’s not pumped into homes like it is in most other countries. Instead, you have to listen out for the gas vendors making their rounds, and then run outside and try to flag…

8 October, 2015
Wedding procession

Oaxaca: party town

Oaxaca loves to celebrate. Spend any amount of time in the city and you’ll be treated to a daily soundtrack of booming skyrockets, trumpeting Banda music and people having a good time. There is ALWAYS an excuse to celebrate, and it usually involves three important…

28 August, 2015