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Purple house

The colours of Guanajuato

Guanajuato is beautiful. It’s a picture-postcard city full of colonial buildings, open plazas and romance, all stitched together by a network of steep cobbled alleyways that pose a serious challenge to the elderly, the high-heeled, the unfit and the drunk (no comment). But it’s…

29 October, 2015
Cafe Santo
Grub & Graffiti Guanajuato

Sounds of Mexico: part 2 – Cinco Pesos Los Tamales

If you head across Guanajuato’s San Francisco square in the late afternoon and walk towards the Venetian-style bridge that arches across from Cafe Santo, you’ll have a good chance of hearing the ‘Cinco Pesos Los Tamales’ guy long before you see him. I didn’t really know what…

23 October, 2015
Grub & Graffiti Guanajuato

Carnitas Sunday: My kind of tradition

Of all the different traditions we’ve come across on our travels, Carnitas Sunday is the first one I’ve found that I can truly get behind. For the uninitiated, carnitas are slow-braised pork shoulders cooked in lard, herbs and their own juices, roasted in an oven and then pulled apart…

14 October, 2015
El Incendio by Erick Estrada
Grub & Graffiti Guanajuato

Tuxedos and dive bars

It all started, as many big nights out do, with a quick beer. We were sitting with our friends Kelly and Jim in a sunny plaza in Guanajuato when we spotted our friendly American landlady and called her over for a chat. We told…

6 October, 2015

Uninvited guests: part 1

So there I was, having a shower and minding my own business when I noticed something moving next to me. I’m pretty blind without my glasses, so it took me a moment or two to realise that the thing… was a scorpion. Now, I…

22 September, 2015